The Vivace! Choral Program auditions Mondays in September, January, and April!

Come be a part of the Vivace! family!

Audition Times:

V!Kids (grades 4-6) 4:00pm

V!Mixed & V!Cathedrals (grades 6-12): 5:00pm

You may choose to come early to audition times and fill out the appropriate paperwork on-site, or you may download, print, and complete the forms prior to arriving (just remember to bring them with you). See forms below.

How Do Auditions Work?


  1. AUDITION: If you are brand new to Vivace! (or it’s been a long time), you will be auditioned by our Founder and Artistic Director, Andrea Klouse. First, you will pay your $30 non-refundable audition fee (cash, check, card, or money order, due up front) to one of our friendly front-desk staff members. Note that the $30 audition fee is later credited to your tuition payment if you successfully audition into one of the Vivace! choirs). Then, during rehearsal that day, Mrs. Klouse will meet with you one-on-one in one of our audition rooms. She will go through a couple vocal exercises, ask you to sing an easy song that you are familiar with and ask you a couple questions regarding your commitment ability for joining Vivace!. If you successfully audition and are invited to join the program, CONGRATS! Just a couple more quick steps and into rehearsal you go!
  2. REGISTRATION: Once you successfully audition, you will return to the front desk and will need to pay a $40 registration fee (due up-front) and make tuition payment arrangements.
  3. MUSIC: After registration, you will receive your packet of music that we will be performing at upcoming concerts and/or receive your music number. This music is for you to borrow for required home-practice and you will return after our next concert.
  4. UNIFORM: Finally, once you have your music, you will be outfitted by our Uniforms Coordinator for the uniform for the appropriate Vivace! choir that you auditioned into. The uniform fee can be anywhere from $5 – $80, depending on which choir you are a part of. Vivace! Cathedrals men’s uniform is a Tuxedo provided by any local formal wear outfitter (we suggest Ted Brown or the Tux Shoppe). (See our Tuition & Fees form for all of the detailed information).
  5. THATS IT! You will meet our attendance clerk on your way into rehearsal and you will begin rehearsing THAT DAY!

*If it is determined that Vivace! isn’t currently a fit for you, you my be asked to re-audition at a later time. Our auditions double as a mini vocal lesson and you will be provided with valuable feedback. In case you are not able to join, we hope to keep in touch and hear from you again! Please leave your information with us and we will contact you about future audition opportunities!


  • $30 non-refundable audition fee (credited to tuition if accepted into the program)
  • $40 non-refundable registration fee due by ALL choristers each yearly season
  • Unform costs may vary (from $5-$80)
  • Tuition (lump sum, or monthly payment options). Monthly payments are either $30, $60, or $70 depending on which choir you audition into.
    • Discounts:
      • Family discounts available for multiple family members of Vivace!
      • Pay in full in September and receive $30 off tuition.
      • Tuition assistance available by application for families who qualify.

Note: Returning choristers do not pay an audition fee, even if auditioning for other choirs within the program. Only the registration fee, potential uniform costs and regular tuition will be collected.


Audition Location:

Liberty Middle School
7319 Eustis Hunt Rd
Spanaway WA 98387

(We are located directly inside the main entrance).

(Please note that our rehearsal/audition location is Liberty Middle School. This is different than our mailing address).

Registration Document Link to Forms

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