District Choral Festival Details for Vivace! Chorsiters & Families (V!Kids, V!Kids Mentors, & V!Staff/Seniors Only)

Click the following link to view, download, and print the memo: Vivace District Festival Details Memo

For Vivace! Vkids n’ Staff n’ Seniors only  

Vivace! BSD Choral Festival Sound Check Memo March 30  at PLU’s Olson Auditorium


2:30 – 4:30 pm    SLHS Music Company set up and sound check

4:30 – 4:45 pm    GKHS Rhapsody sound check audio

4:45 – 5:00 pm    BHS Crimson Image sound check audio

**4:45             VKids & Mentors arrive; meet (seated) on risers** Please eat before  you arrive.

**5:00 – 5:20pm     Vivace Kids sound check audio. Must be present.

**5:20 –  5:40 pm    Vivace Staff n Seniors Mathstrosity Rhapsody Sound Check Audio

5:30                             (Doors open at 5:30 and Audience begins to arrive

6:30 – 7:45 pm         Festival Concert.


Uniforms: (Pick the one that applies to you)

VKids (Elementary and anyone in vkids NOT PERFORMING with BSD choirs in the Festival) Please arrive at 4:45 in Vivace full uniform: navy polos, khakis and black formal-style shoes and black socks please.  Students in Vivace that are also singing in the Bethel Combined Elementary Choir should wear their school uniform with the Vivace Polo over the top. When VKids finish our opening tunes, as your move back to the big risers, you may simply remove your polo, drop in in a box we will stow under the risers and your school tee shirt will show for the elementary pieces. PARENTS ARE URGED TO PLACE YOUR LAST NAME INSIDE THE POLO and don’t forget it when you go home). Students may also elect to simply wear their Vivace uniform for the entire evening. This works too!


VKids Mentors (Middle School 8th grade) Mentors who will be singing with the middle school ]combined choirs in the Bethel School District will wear their own choir’s full formal uniform with the navy blue polo over the top (stow vests in the box under the risers) or with a non-Vivace choir peer seated near you in the MS combined choirs. Leave your polo in the box after you sing and move directly to your combined choir seat. You will have time to do this after Vivace sings, before the elementary choirs sing. PLEASE GET TO YOUR SPOT BEFORE THE ELE SINGS, OR WAIT UNTIL THE ELE SET IS COMPLETE TO MOVE INTO YOUR PLACE. Do not move around during performances. Good audience etiquette is very important. I will be there to help remind you. No worries. Let’s just plan ahead.


VKids Mentors (MS and HS) If you are NOT involved in the BSD high school combined choirs, simply wear the VKids Uniform (see above und VKids (elementary). If you ARE singing with the combined BSD high combined choirs, simply wear your choir’s formal uniform.


The Festival Concert begins at 6:30 pm at PLU’s Olson Auditorium.  The concert will feature the combined elementary choirs,combined middle school choirs, men and women choirs at the middle school level, combined high school choirs, men and women choirs at the high school level, as well as Vivace! Kids Choir, BHS Crimson Image, GKHS Rhapsody, SLHS Music Company, a special presentation by the Vivace Staff (n Seniors)-you won’t want to miss it! There is an opener piece and finale for all singers.Performers are expected to remain until the end of the concert.


Etiquette: Students should be reminded that they are performing at all times, not just when they are singing. Students represent their schools and will want to present themselves with exemplary behavior. Attention to the group performing will enhance the entire evening for performers and audience alike.



COME REHEARSED AND PREPARED. KNOW YOUR PITCHES, USE THE PINGING TONE we have been working on, and two helpings confidence. Q How did you get to sing Jingle Bells so well? A: by singing it so many times you are now confident to sing it anytime. You are prepared on Jingle Bells.  Ditto this to Carmina Burana.