Practice Files

Let It Snow    
Full Mix    
Soprano 1 Mezzo Soprano Alto
Tenor Baritone Bass


When you click on any of the above "mix" links, you will be attempting to open a Scorch document:

• If you do NOT have a Sibelius Scorch plug-in for your web browser, you will be automatically directed to the Scorch website where you should choose to download and install the Scorch plug-in. Then quit and re-open your web browser, and re-visit this Practice Files page. When you NOW go to open one of these links, you should see the music notation for "Let It Snow" displayed, along with a "control panel" bar.

• Whichever link you click on from the choices above, you will then be viewing a screen SHOWING ALL of the written vocal parts--but you will HEAR the specific part you chose HIGHLIGHTED (louder) above the rest. Thus, you will be able to hear and sing with your chosen part while referencing the other parts in the mix.

• On the "control panel" bar of each Scorch page, the main things to pay attention to are:
    --> the transport controls (play, pause, stop, rewind, fast-forward) for navigating through the piece; and

    --> the playback tempo slider (horizontal slider on right half of the bar) for adjusting the tempo at which your part plays. To adjust this tempo, move the tempo "slider" to the right or left. Our suggestion, as you start rehearsing "Let It Snow," is that you move the slider till it is about 25% of the way along going from left to right. Otherwise you may find yourself having to sing too fast to keep up. In fact, for this piece, the maximum tempo is probably not even to the 50% mark on the tempo slider's spectrum.

Good luck!